Join us for an evening with Julia Bradbury, one of the UK’s favourite TV personalities as she talks with Louise Minchin about her new book Walk Yourself Happy.

Walk Yourself Happy explains the elemental link between our own health – both physical and mental – and the natural world.

Julia knows first-hand the profound impact of nature: it has helped her survive breast cancer, overcome infertility and continue through failed IVF treatments; it balances the soul and acts as a confidante and therapist. Through science-backed information, practical tips and Julia’s own story, Walk Yourself Happy explores how nature can soothe anxiety and stress, how a mountain or a tree can keep you company in times of grief, and the importance of building nature into your everyday life, so you eat well, sleep better and move more.

Walking, one of the most accessible activities for most of us, is the fastest and easiest way to embed yourself in nature. You don’t need expertise or equipment; you just need to put one foot in front of another. You don’t need an epic landscape either, you can walk down the street or in your local green space. Though, as you will learn from this book, a walk in the park is rarely just that.

We all have shocks and surprises that stop us in our tracks, make us question who we are and why we are here. In walking, we have the power to change our pace. And when we do that, we can find union with nature, camaraderie with friends and a form of intimacy with self.

We can walk ourselves happy and we can walk ourselves healthy, and we can rekindle the innate bonds, all-but extinguished by modern living, that we have always had to our natural environment. We can start today!

We’re thrilled to be hosting this event to celebrate the publication of Walk Yourself Happy and look forward to an evening full of inspiration in the company of Julia and Louise

Tickets: £20 (Admits One & includes a signed copy of Walk Yourself Happy) or £30 (Admits Two & includes one signed copy of Walk Yourself Happy).

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