Book Clubs

We run two adult Book Clubs which meet every 6 weeks. Our Booka Book Club meets on a Wednesday night and our Book and a Beer Book Club on a Thursday night (7.30pm). Both groups meet at the Shop and are free to attend. New members are always welcome. So, step outside your comfort zone and come along to explore new authors and genres – we’d love to see you. Book Club members receive 10% discount off the price of each Book Club read.

We also run two Children’s Book Clubs (Year 3/4) and (Year 5/6), a Teen Book Club (Year 7/8) and a YA Book Club (Year 9+).

For local Book Groups we offer a 10% discount when 5 or more copies of the same book are purchased.

Children Year 5/6 Book Club

19th September 2018, 4.15pm at Booka

Currently reading: The Secret of the Night Train by Sylvia Bishop

Year 5/6 book club

Synopsis: One small girl – one BIG adventure. When Max is sent to Istanbul to stay with her boring Great Aunt-Elodie, little does she expect to be plunged into a thrilling night-time adventure across Europe. And when the mysterious Heartbreak Diamond goes...

Book Chat Book Club

19th September 2018, 7.30pm at Booka

Currently reading: Shelter by Sarah Franklin

Book Chat book club

Synopsis: Spring 1944. As war threatens even the most remote English communities, a trainee lumberjill and an Italian Prisoner of War form a friendship in the Forest of Dean. Both are outsiders. Both are in desperate, unspoken need. Connie Granger arrived in the...

Young Adult Book Club

18th September 2018, 4.45pm at Booka

Currently reading: The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

Young Adult book club

Synopsis: A princess, a traitor, a soldier, a hunter and a thief. Five teenagers with the fate of the world in their hands. Five nations destined for conflict. In Brigant, Princess Catherine prepares for a political marriage arranged by her brutal and ambitious...

Children Year 3/4 Book Club

12th September 2018, 4.15pm at Booka

Currently reading: Kat Wolfe Investigates by Lauren St John

Year 3/4 book club

Synopsis: Join brave Kat Wolfe and her animal sidekicks in this first mysterious adventure filled with friendship, freedom and a fierce wild cat! Kat Wolfe loves her new home in idyllic Bluebell Bay, especially as it comes with a resident wildcat. But when she starts...

Teen Book Club

11th September 2018, 4.45pm at Booka

Currently reading: The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson

Teen book club

Synopsis: A spellbinding adventure, bound-up with traditional folk and fairy tales, The House with Chicken Legs transports readers to a world of spells and spirits bound by ancient rules and one girl who longs to break free. My house has chicken legs. Two or three...

Cosy Crime Book Club

11th September 2018, 2.30pm at Booka

Currently reading: A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson

Cosy Crime book club

Synopsis: I wouldn’t scream if I were you. Unless you want the whole world to learn about your husband and his mistress. Agatha Christie, in London to visit her literary agent, boards a train, preoccupied and flustered in the knowledge that her husband Archie is...

Book & a Beer Book Club

2nd August 2018, 7.30pm at Booka

Currently reading: The Collector by John Fowles

Book & Beer book club

Synopsis: Withdrawn, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs. He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger, the art student Miranda. When he wins the pools he buys a remote Sussex house and calmly abducts Miranda, believing she will...