Join us for an evening with Labour MP and Shadow Cabinet Minister, Lisa Nandy, as she talks about her book All In: How We Build a Country That Works.

Britain is in crisis. This timely book by one of the stars of frontline politics shows a way out.

In this brilliant and accessible intervention, Lisa Nandy reveals how Britain can leave behind the mess in which we find ourselves. All In charts a course towards a fairer, more equal, more prosperous country by drawing on the greatest asset we have – each other.

Rapid global changes, political division and economic crisis have left Britain reeling. For decades, large swathes of the country have been shut out, condemned to low productivity, underinvestment and managed decline, and stripped of their voice. With most major cities now beset with high housing costs, air pollution and congestion, even the ‘winners’ are losing.

All In shows how, by handing power and resources with a stake in the outcome, Britain can draw on the talent, assets and potential in every part of the country and start firing on all cylinders again. Finding strength rather than fear in our differences, it reimagines the relationship between people and government so that all of us can play our part in meeting the challenges of our age and rebuilding Britain the only way that works – together.

Lucid, clear-eyed and hopeful, this book sets out how we restore values, energy and direction to our politics and offers a glimpse of the alternative future that remains within our grasp.

Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ rhetoric has been eclipsed by a new politics of austerity under Rishi Sunak, following a disastrous Liz Truss interlude. Now seems an opportune time to consider what the future holds for post Brexit Britain. We look forward to welcoming Lisa Nandy to Oswestry for an evening of lively and topical debate.

Tickets: £10 without book (Admits One, ticket redeemable against a signed copy of All In) or £17 with book (Admits One, includes a signed copy of All In)

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