Fiction: The Book of Beginnings by Sally Page

From the author of the phenomenal bestseller The Keeper of Stories, comes an utterly beautiful and charming novel full of mystery and secrets waiting to be uncovered…

Returning to her Uncle Wilbur’s stationery shop, brings back happy childhood memories for Jo Sorsby. But what is meant to be a brief stay, to run the shop while he recuperates, stirs up a mix of emotions. Jo’s life is in a muddle, her relationship with her best friend is strained and she’s starting to think she’s made a mess of things.

Delighting in the joy of stationery, blotters, pens, and luggage tags, The Book of Beginnings evokes the pleasure found in the smallest things and the magic of true connection.

A gorgeous, heartfelt read about friendship, the kindness of strangers and finding the bravery to be true to yourself. Filled with laughter, kindness and wisdom, this is a book to warm your autumn evenings and remind you of the value of your friends. – Ruth, Bookshop Manager

The perfect gift for book lovers, The Keeper of Stories meets The Lost Bookshop in this gorgeous novel about secrets, second chances and finding friendship in the most unlikely places.

Non Fiction: Divine Might by Natalie Haynes

Infused with Haynes’s engaging charm and irrepressible wit, Divine Might is a refreshing take on the legends and stories we thought we knew. This female-cantered look at Olympus and the Furies, focuses on the goddesses whose prowess, passions, jealousies, and desires rival those of their male kin. We meet:

Athene, who sprang fully formed from her father’s brow (giving Zeus a killer headache in the process), the goddess of war and provider of wise counsel.

Aphrodite, born of the foam (and sperm released from a Titan’s castrated testicles), the most beautiful of all the Olympian goddesses, the epitome of love who dispenses desire and inspires longing–yet harbors a fearsome vengeful side, doling out brutal punishments to those who displease her.

Hera, Zeus’s long-suffering wife, whose jealousy born of his repeated dalliances with mortals, nymphs, and other goddesses, leads her to wreak elaborate and often painful revenge on those she believes have wronged her. (Well, wouldn’t you?)

Demeter, goddess of the harvest and mother of Persephone; Artemis, the hunter and goddess of wild spaces; the Muses, the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory; and Hestia, goddess of domesticity and sacrificial fire.

Divine Might will change everything you thought you knew about our most ancient stories. Full of fire, fury and devotion, Natalie Haynes brings the divine women of Olympia kicking and screaming into the modern age.

  • Ruth