Fiction: The Illusions by Liz Hyder

The Illusions is another gloriously captivating piece of storytelling from Liz Hyder, author of ‘The Gifts’; magical and mesmerising, full of passion, creativity, secrets and delight.

Bristol, 1896 and two young women are determined to make their own destiny. One is Cecily Marsden, 16 years old, quick, talented and with a touch of the impossible about her. Mostrecently a conman’s assistant, but unfortunate events have left her guilt stricken and easy prey. How to tell the difference between a genuine opportunity and someone else using her skills to their own advantage.

The other, Eadie Carleton, is a skilled inventor, photographer and early film maker struggling to be taken seriously by her male peers. Grief stricken at the loss of her father and missing brother, how will she keep the family business afloat?

Into Eadie’s life walks George Perris, the most talented magician of his generation, a born performer. Having just seen his first moving pictures, George is captivated, inspired, and knows that this is the start of something incredible. But first, he must persuade Eadie to work with him.

Soon to cross all their paths is The Great Valentini, an older magician whose past has weighed him down for too long. News from an old friend draws him back to Bristol and back into the limelight.

Each of their stories converge into something magnificent; a romp of adventure, filled with deception, peril, but also celebrating magic, wonder, kindness, and love; the greatest risk of all.

This is a story of family lost and found, of discovering your people and the power of community. It’s a love letter to theatres, stagecraft, and the graft, passion, and thrill of entertainment. Here is storytelling which delights in the magic of moving pictures, wonders at the sheer inventiveness and skill of illusions, and asks us to believe in the impossible. It is ‘all done in kindness’, and perhaps the cleverest sleight of hand is that Liz makes it all look so easy. A thrilling, marvellous, rip-roaring read. – Ruth, Bookshop Manager

Non-Fiction: Style Chapters by Erica Davies

Erica Davies knows that clothes can make you feel your best, but what happens when life throws your style off course?

In Style Chapters, Erica reveals how to dress the changing you – from creating wardrobe building blocks to dressing for a changing body, from how to find your identity after major life upheaval to practical buying and styling tips. Erica takes you through essential wardrobe suggestions, from what to wear on the school run and how to dress from boardroom to the bar, to different types of wedding guest outfits and the best companies for good jackets – she dips into all aspects of life!

Grounded in her twenty years of experience as a fashion editor and journalist, and with practical suggestions (that aren’t prescriptive!) and inspiration for any budget or body, Style Chapters is the confidence-boosting fashion bible every woman needs, at every stage of her life and is filled with beautifully inspiring illustrations and images of wardrobe suggestions.


  • Ruth