Fiction: The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan

Heartbreaking and raw, ‘The Storm We Made’ is a vivid portrayal of pre-war British-colonised Malaya (now Malaysia), its’ invasion by Japan and ruthless regime it endured during World War 2.

Alternating between 1935, when one mother’s hopes for a future free of British colonialism draws her into espionage and an illicit affair, and 1945 as the impact of the brutal, wartime occupation threatens the safety of her three children.

This is a fascinating and devastating exploration of good vs evil, impossible choices and the long shadow of their repercussions. Giving a voice to stories buried by time; a nation’s resistance, families ripped apart, and the search for meaning and connection in the midst of darkest times, Vanessa Chan’s novel is complex, powerful and unforgettable.

– Ruth, Bookshop Manager

Non Fiction: little things by Fearne Cotton

Stress is a normal part of life, but it can be overwhelming. The habits, tools and advice in these pages will help you cope better, to understand your own worries, and to pause and respond rather than react (we’ve all done it!).

This is all advice I’ve received – the lessons I’ve learned in my own up-and-down life, the expert conversations from my Happy Place podcast, and therapies I’ve tried – to keep working towards good days.

By focusing on small steps, practising self-awareness and getting creative with the exercises and simple ideas, daily tricks and practical tools in the pages of this little book, we can counterbalance our hectic world and unlock daily happiness.

Fearne x


  • Ruth