Tony Spears: The Invincible Tony Spears: Lost in Space: Book 3

Neal Layton

ISBN: 9781444919721


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What would you do if a red button in your kitchen cupboard could transport you to a spaceship? Press it, of course! Created by the award-winning author and illustrator Neal Layton. When things get too much, Tony climbs aboard his spaceship called The Invincible to chill amongst intergalactic life. But this time, Tony hears some strange noises over his communicator – is it an alien trying to communicate with him, or his new baby sister? Whatever it is, the something is controlling the movements of the spaceship and Tony is sent hurtling towards a parallel universe inhabited by strange creatures called the Blue Bloos. If he has any way of getting home, he will have to work with his friends, old and new …

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Format Paperback
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton Childrens D
Published 09/08/2018
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