The Consolation of Nature: Spring in the Time of Coronavirus

Michael McCarthy

ISBN: 9781529349153


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Nature took on a new importance for thousands of people when the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Britain, providing solace in a time of great anxiety – not least because the crisis struck at the beginning of spring, the season of hope and renewal; and furthermore, in an extraordinary conjunction, the spring of 2020 turned out to be the loveliest spring ever recorded in Britain. Three nature writers, living like everyone else under lockdown, but walking out each day to exercise, resolved to record their experiences of the coronavirus spring, in widely contrasting parts of the country. They did so to share with others their sense of the wonder, inspiration and delight the natural world can offer, and ‘The Consolation of Nature’ is the enthralling account of what they discovered by literally walking out from their front doors.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Hodder Studio
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