Running Life – Signed Copy

Kelly Holmes

ISBN: 9780857835352


Signed First Edition hardback copy of Running Life by Kelly Holmes

Hand signed by Kelly Holmes to the publisher’s bookplate

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Running Life is an inspirational and attainable guide to how mindset, excercise and diet – the ‘Big Three’ as Dame Kelly terms them – interlink to transform your overall wellbeing.

Divided into three sections, Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition, this book will teach you how to make positive changes to your life and empower yourself, with each chapter featuring numerous tips from Dame Kelly.

Change your mindset to reach emotional wellbeing with easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises, keep your body strong with running, strength and flexibility exercises, and learn which foods best nourish your body with 5 ways to improve the way you eat.

Drawing on her own experience, Dame Kelly guides you through how to harness your mind and reap the benefits of good food and exercise.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
Published 27/12/2018
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