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RAF Cosford was built as part of the pre-war RAF Expansion Plan in 1937 and in 1938 it was designated as a site for one of the new Technical Training Schools, aimed at strengthening the knowledge and manpower of the air force. By the outbreak of war, Cosford housed over 3,500 trainees. In 1939 it became the base for No 9 Maintenance Units, who were responsible for maintaining, repairing and modifying aircraft for battle. During the war Cosford grew and became the site of a major new RAF hospital, as well as the base for the first all-female Air Transport Auxiliary Unit. Towards the end of the war re-patriation centres were built for ex-prisoners on the base and over 13,000 POWs passed through Cosford, before returning to their homes. RAF Cosford (now DCAE Cosford) continues to train numerous new recruits and houses a major RAF Museum. This book highlights Cosford’s central role in the air force during the war years and the many images evoke the men and women, who lived and worked there. A fascinating insight for those visitors to Cosford and aviation enthusiasts.

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Published 15/06/2009
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