Music Genius! Playing Cards

Rik Lee

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Featured in The Guardian’s culture Christmas gift guide 2018″Hearts stands for pop music, spades for rock, diamonds for country and clubs for soul and the blues. Featuring images of famous musicians: Beyonce, Prince and David Bowie among the bunch, this deck of cards is a gift for music lovers of all ages.” – New York Times, Holiday Gift Guide”Whether they love game night, music, or are equal fans of both, they’ll surely get a kick out of these playing cards. The pack features illustrations of all the big names in pop, rock, country, and R&B.” – Business Insider “In this deck of cards, each suit features icons from four music genres?pop, rock, folk, and blues?making game night a truly epic battle of the bands. It’s a great stocking stuffer gift for everyone from the music lovers in your life to the kids just learning their first card games.” – Real SimpleJazz up your card games with the top talent of four fantastic music