Money & Power – Signed Copy

Vince Cable

ISBN: 9781786495105S


Signed First Edition hardback copy of Money and Power: The World Leaders Who Changed Economics by Vince Cable

Hand signed by Vince Cable to the publisher’s bookplate

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Through economics, our politicians have the power to transform people’s lives for better or worse. Think Deng Xiaoping who lifted millions out of poverty by opening up China; Franklin D Roosevelt whose ‘New Deal’ helped the USA break free of the Great Depression. Or Peron and his successors in Argentina who brought the country to the brink of ruin.

In this magisterial history, economist and politician Vince Cable examines the legacy of 16 world leaders who transformed their countries’ economic fortunes and who also challenged economic convention. From Thatcher to Trump, from Lenin to Bismarck,¬†Money and Power¬†provides a whole new perspective on the science of government. Examining the fascinating interplay of economics and politics, this is a compelling journey through some of the most significant people and events of the last 300 years.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Atlantic Books
Published 04/02/2021
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