Mindful Crafting

Sarah Samuel

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Explore how crafting and mindfulness come together to soothe our mind, body and soul. Apart from the sheer enjoyment of using our hands to create something new, crafting helps us to connect with who we are. From the comfort of our own home we can be in the moment with our materials and our mind. Through focused meditations, personal anecdote and expert insight, Mindful Craftingunearths the true value of craft, and how we can meet our soul’s yearning to be creative and open ourselves up to infinite possibilities. For all crafters – whether you’re a potter or a painter, practise needlework, woodwork or jewellery-making – this book will support and encourage you wherever your crafting journey takes you. Sarah Samuel looks at the steps you might encounter, including finding space and structure, changing direction, and common obstacles like creative block and lack of time, and shares the mindful practices that will see you through. If you like this, you might be interested in Mindful Thoughts for Makers. . .

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Format Hardback
Publisher Ivy Press
Published 06/12/2018
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