Man Who Climbs Trees

James Aldred

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‘A book of heart-stopping bravery and endurance’ — Helen Macdonald ‘A great read – incredible adventures and a dramatic new perspective’ — Chris Packham ‘[A] delightful, endlessly fascinating book’ — Daily Mail BOOK OF THE WEEK This is the story of a professional British tree climber, cameraman and adventurer, who has made a career out of travelling the world, filming wildlife for the BBC and climbing trees with people like David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Helen Macdonald. James’s climbs take him to breathtaking locations as he scales the most incredible and majestic trees on the planet. On the way he meets native tribes, gets attacked by African bees, climbs alongside gorillas, chased by elephants, and spends his nights in a hammock pitched high in the branches with only the stars above him. This book blends incredible stories of scrapes and bruises in the branches with a new way of looking at life high above the daily grind, up into the canopy of the forest.

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Format Paperback
Publisher Ebury Press
Published 14/06/2018
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