How to Enjoy Poetry

Frank Skinner

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Frank Skinner wants you to read more poetry. Wait, wait – don’t stop reading. In this short, easy-to-digest guidebook he’ll win you over and provide you with the basic tools to tackle any poem. Whether you’re a frequent poetry reader or haven’t read any since sixth form, Frank’s infectious appreciation for language, rhythm and metre will help reinforce or reignite your passion for the genre. In this fascinating little book, Frank guides us through the twists and turns of ‘Pad, Pad’ by Stevie Smith, a short, seemingly simple poem that contains multitudes of meaning and a deceptive depth of emotion. Revel in the mastery of Stevie Smith’s choice of words, consider the eternal mystery of the speaker of the poem and be moved by rhyming couplets like you never have before. Give it a go. You never know, you might even enjoy it.

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