How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life

Pandora Sykes

ISBN: 9781786332073


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Modern life is full of choices. We’re told that happiness lies within and we can be whoever we want to be. But with endless possibility comes a feeling of restlessness; like we’re somehow failing to live our best life. What does doing it right even look like? And why do so many women feel like they’re getting it wrong? From that Zara dress to millennial burnout, the explosion of wellness to the rise of cancel culture, Pandora Sykes interrogates the stories we’ve been sold and the ones we tell ourselves. Wide-ranging, thoughtful and witty, ‘How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?’ explores the anxieties and myths that consume our lives and the tools we use to muddle through.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Cornerstone
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