Henry Hunter and the Cursed Pirates

John Matthews

ISBN: 9781783701377


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Do you dare open the Henry Hunter files and discover the monsters within? The parents of a friend of Henry’s have gone missing – disappeared from the very deck of their boat in the Caribbean. The only lead Henry and Dolf have is the sighting of a ghostly galleon and a huge tentacle of mist. Exploring the local pirate history and myths, Henry and Dolf uncover a cursed crew of pirates, led by no other than the deadly Edward Teach – Blackbeard himself. But what’s keeping the pirates sailing beyond their deaths? And how and why are they building a crew of live prisoners? It’s up to Henry and Dolf to survive monster waves and befriend a crazy local seadog to solve the mystery and put the pirates back in their watery graves!

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Format Paperback
Publisher Templar Publishing
Published 01/02/2015
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