Healing Negative Energies: Simple steps to improve your energy at home and at wo

Anne Jones

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Do you feel uncomfortable in a particular person’s presence? Does your computer zap your energy? Do you get creepy feelings in old houses? In this inspiring book, extraordinary healer Anne Jones shows us how to bring positive energy into every area of our lives. With her down-to-earth, straightforward approach, she gives you the keys to tackle negative energy in your mind, body and surroundings. You will discover how to: Turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones* Clean up the energy of your home and your belongings* Cope with electromagnetic and geopathic stress* Raise the energy of a place after a traumatic event* Release ghosts and lost souls* Protect yourself psychically and reverse spells and rituals* Bring light and laughter into every area of your life!

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Format Paperback
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Published 24/10/2002
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