Happy Hour: A Cocktail Card Game

Laura Gladwin

ISBN: 9781786274298


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“…a boozy take on Go Fish. Rather than matching suits, players collect a ‘run’ of four cards from numerous categories, including Jazz Age Cocktails, Tiki Drinks, Shots, Dessert Cocktails, Martins, and Nineteenth-Century Classics among others…The game comes with a recipe booklet, so players can indulge in the actual drinks they’re playing. After all, an optional drinking element adds more fun” – Chilled MagazineShake, stir – or shuffle? Step up to the bar and order your favorite drinks in this cheerful game of cocktails.Collect illustrated cards of 52 iconic drinks and group them into sets of four to win. The cards you must group together include the following categories: 80s & 90s cocktails, brunch cocktails; dessert cocktails, sparkling cocktails, classic aperitifs, martinis, Tiki originals, cobblers & punches, Cuban classics, 19th century classics, Jazz Age cocktails, sours, and shots.Perfect for cocktail parties and games nights,