Free Rein Fight To The Finish

Catherine Hapka

ISBN: 9781338304497


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The second original Free Rein novel based on the award-winning (2 Emmys) Netflix show! The one and only Poppy Addison is headed to Bright Field Stables! Poppy, a famous rider, is hosting an exclusive clinic at Bright Fields. There will be a contest to award a free spot to a Bright Fields rider. Zoe is sure that she and her horse, Raven, can blow Poppy and the other judges away! There’s just one problem: Jade wants to win, too. With two best friends competing and only one winner, this contest may be a recipe for a total friendship fiasco. Includes an eight-page insert packed with full-colour photos from the TV show FREE REIN BOOKS The Steeplechase Secret (book 1) Fight to the Finish (book 2) Truth or Mare (book 3)

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Format Paperback
Publisher Scholastic
Published 01/11/2018
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