Dr Christian’s Guide to Growing Up Online (Hashtag: Awkward)

Christian Jessen

ISBN: 9781407178769


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The ULTIMATE online survival guide! Dr Christian, TV’s favourite doctor, tackles all your awkward questions head-on, helping you find out how to stay safe growing up in a digital world. From cyberbullying to binge-watching TV, from group chats to your digital footprint, this book contains REAL answers to REAL questions. Perfect for children and parents alike! TOPICS COVERED: cyberbullying online grooming feeling left out on social media binge-watching TV unauthorised sharing of personal photos and information dealing with strangers online digital footprints keeping passwords private dealing with nasty social media and text messages feeling angry about online discussions what’s a Finsta? coping with catfishing dealing with anxiety family agreements and contracts chatbots making friends in real life combatting trolls grooming

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Format Paperback
Publisher Scholastic
Published 03/05/2018
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