Dr Christian’s Guide to Growing Up (new edition)

Dr Christian Jessen

ISBN: 9780702300400


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Dr Christian Jessen tells it like it is, in this upfront and unashamed companion to growing up. Coming to the rescue of parents, boys and girls, Dr Christian is ready to answer all their questions about adolescence, sexuality and puberty. In his assured, no-nonsense fashion, he allays the fears and uncertainties of growing youngsters (and helps parents find answers) about puberty, sex, personal and emotional health and body image. Addressing all those cringey questions parents squirm at answering, Dr Christian’s sensible, light-hearted advice guides boys and girls on the path to be coming healthy, happy adults. Covering issues such as: puberty, diet, sex, sexuality, self-esteem/body image, personal health, emotional health and bullying.

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Format Paperback
Publisher Scholastic
Published 05/03/2020
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