Cleaning Hacks

Sarah Flowers

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Clean everything in your home from your clothes and sheets to your shower curtain, vents-even the inside of your washing machine-with this simple short-cuts using all-natural cleaning products. Did you know you should be cleaning your sponge on a weekly basis by putting it in the microwave for just 90 seconds? Or that you could use a rubber glove to clean up pet hair instead of a lint brush? Or that wax paper can be used to make your faucets and sink fixtures shine instead of a chemical polish? Avoid long lists of mysterious chemicals and skip buying multiple cleaning products and get back to basics and use simple, all-natural solutions that are safe, inexpensive, and effective. Take control of your cleaning to-do list with these easy, natural cleaning methods. With this book, you’ll learn to: -Use vinegar to clean out a washing machine that’s starting to smell -Mix lemon juice and salt to really clean out the cracks in your cutting board where food can get stuck -Rub chalk onto a greasy stain to help absorb extra oils before washing And much more! Organized by cleaning project, you’ll be able to find the perfect easy solution for all your cleaning jobs, however large or small, with this handy guide!

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Format Paperback
Publisher Adams Media Corporation
Published 01/07/2019
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