Charlotte: A rich, beautifully-written, feminist retelling of Jane Austen’s Prid

Helen Moffett

ISBN: 9781785769108


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Everybody believes that Charlotte Lucas has no prospects. She is unmarried, plain, poor, and reaching a dangerous age. When she stuns the neighbourhood by accepting the proposal of buffoonish clergyman Mr Collins, her best friend Lizzy Bennet is appalled by her decision. Yet this is the only way Charlotte knows how to provide for her future. Her married life will propel her into a new world: not only of duty and longed-for children, but secrets, grief, unexpected love and friendship, and a kind of freedom. Jane Austen cared deeply about the constraints on women in Regency England. This powerful reimagining takes up where Austen left off in ‘Pride and Prejudice’, showing us a woman determined to carve a place for herself in the world.

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Format Hardback
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