Call Yourself British Quiz Book

Michael Odell

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When someone who is an immigrant to Britain wants to obtain UK citizenship, after at least five years in the country, they not only have to sit an English test, but also pass a test of multiple-choice questions, based on an official Home Office handbook called ‘Life in the UK’. Unless you have studied and memorised that book, you would probably fail, even if you’re British born and bred. In a recent poll, 51% of British 18-24 year olds failed to reach the 75% pass level. With Brexit and all the talk of sovereignty, the question of what it really means to be British has never been more important, so here is your chance to see how you measure up to what your country (or at least, some Whitehall civil servants) expects you to know. So here are 500 sample questions to test yourself, or to play as a quiz with family or friends. The answers will inform, surprise and above all, make you laugh!

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