Breakdown How To Make Sense Of Politics

Tatton Spiller

ISBN: 9781783964239


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At last, a sane voice of reason that cuts through all the noise; In the deepest, darkest depths of history, there was once a time when most families had only one screen in their house with just three, four or five channels. This forced people into a situation in which they would have to compromise. Imagine the horror.; These days, we’re living through The Breakdown. It’s a time of enormous political engagement, but many of us feel ill equipped to truly understand and debate all the issues currently rocking our world.; With sections including How Other People Think; A Tour of the Battlegrounds; and Making Change Happen, this superbly clear-sighted, light-hearted and judgement-free book will give you all the tools you need to understand the different arguments, to work out what is happening and why – and then to do something about it.; In a shifting political landscape that can at times be frustrating, emotional or confusing, The Breakdown is an oasis of calm in a turbulent world.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Elliott and Thompson
Published 30/05/2019
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