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Ollie Ollerton

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How do you keep going when you’re in your lowest moment? How do you prioritise recovery and take control? How do you transform your life? Ex-Special Forces soldier Ollie Ollerton knows more than his fair share about keeping going. As a recruit he survived the infamously tough SAS selection process on a busted ankle with the Directing Staff pleading with him to give up. But it’s in Ollie’s personal life that he really had to dig deep. At his lowest he was battling a failed relationship, substance abuse, depression and a pronounced death wish. After leaving the services Ollie found himself at a loss. Feeling worthless, lacking purpose, he turned to drink to numb the pain. Looking for a way out, Ollie made a discovery. Often in life we find ourselves looking for an external fix – drink, drugs, other people’s agenda. But the truth is the solution is not out there, it’s inside.

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Format Paperback
Publisher Blink
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