7.6 Billion People Living Countries

Ben Hubbard

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Count down the countries of the world with an amazing mix of numbers, facts and statistics! Do you know how many football pitches would fit into Europe? Or which country has the most newspaper readers? What is a megacity and which is the biggest one in the world? And how many wildebeest migrate thousands of kilometres every year across African’s plains? Discover the answers to all these questions and much, more more in Big Countdown: Countries. The Big Countdown looks at popular topics and investigates the great many numbers that make them fascinating. From the mind-bogglingly large to smallest and most precious, this series helps us understand that it’s not just our days that are numbered. Ideal reading for number-crunchers aged 9 and up.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
Published 25/10/2018
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