Join us for an evening with bestselling novelist and screen writer Natasha Solomons as she talks about her new novel I, Mona Lisa.

Listen to my history. My adventures are worth hearing. I have lived many lifetimes and been loved by emperors, kings and thieves. I have survived kidnap and assault. Revolution and two world wars. But this is also a love story. And the story of what we will do for those we love.

In Leonardo da Vinci’s studio, bursting with genius imagination, towering commissions and needling patrons, as well as discontented muses, friends and rivals, sits the painting of the Mona Lisa. For five hundred tumultuous years, amid a whirlwind of power, money, intrigue, the portrait of Lisa del Giocondo is sought after and stolen.

Over the centuries, few could hear her voice, but now she is ready to tell her own story, in her own words – a tale of rivalry, murder and heartbreak. Weaving through the years, she takes us from the dazzling world of Florentine studios to the French courts at Fontainebleau and Versailles, and into the Twentieth Century.

I, Mona Lisa is a deliciously vivid, compulsive and illuminating story about the lost and forgotten women throughout history.

Natasha Solomons is the author of seven novels including House of Gold, The Song Collector, The Gallery of Vanished Husbands and Mr Rosenblum’s List. We look forward to welcoming Natasha to Booka to celebrate the publication of I, Mona Lisa and to reveal the mysteries she unearthed while researching her new novel.

Tickets: £7 without book (Admits One, ticket redeemable against a signed copy of I, Mona Lisa) or £15 with book (Admits One, includes a signed copy of I, Mona Lisa). Tickets available from the bookshop or purchase online (with booking fee).

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