Join Sunday Times bestselling authors, Marian Keyes and Chris Brookmyre, in conversation for the first time, discussing their new novels, Grown Ups and The Cut with Jude Rogers.

Grown Ups (out in paperback)

Meet Jessie, Cara AND Nell.

Married to brothers Johnny, Ed and Liam Casey.

Three very different women tied to three very different men.

Every family occasion is a party – until the day the secrets spill out.

Playtime is over.

But where are the grown-ups?

The Cut (out in hardback)

Millie Spark can kill anyone.

A special effects make-up artist, her talent is to create realistic scenes of bloody violence.

Then, one day, she wakes to find her lover dead in her bed.

Twenty-five years later, her sentence for murder served, Millicent is ready to give up on her broken life – until she meets troubled film student and reluctant petty thief Jerry.

Together, they begin to discover that all was not what it seemed on that fateful night … and someone doesn’t want them to find out why.

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