Join us for an evening with Jojo Moyes, the international bestselling author of Me Before You and The Giver of Stars, as she talks about her new novel Someone Else’s Shoes.

Who are you when you are forced to walk in someone else’s shoes?

Nisha Cantor and Sam Kemp are two very different women. Nisha, 45, lives the globetrotting life of the seriously wealthy, until her husband inexplicably cuts her off entirely. She doesn’t even have the shoes she was, until a moment ago, standing in. That’s because Sam – 47, middle-aged, struggling to keep herself and her family afloat – has accidentally taken Nisha’s gym bag.

Now Nisha’s got nothing. And Sam’s walking tall with shoes that catch eyes – and give her a career an unexpected boost. Except Nisha wants her life back – and she’ll start with her shoes…

Two women suddenly forced to walk in another’s shoes. But having done so, can either ever return to the life they had? Are they changed for ever? Someone Else’s Shoes is a funny, moving and heartfelt story about how, for any of us just one little thing can suddenly change everything.

Jojo’s novels have been translated into forty-six languages, have hit the number one spot in twelve countries and have sold fifty-one million copies worldwide. Me Before You was a global phenomenon and has now sold over fifteen million copies worldwide and was adapted into a major film.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join JoJo and celebrate the publication of Someone Else’s Shoes. We look forward to welcoming her to Oswestry!

Tickets: £10 without book (Admits One, ticket redeemable against a signed copy of Someone Else's Shoes) or £22 with book (Admits One, includes a signed copy of Someone Else's Shoes)

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