Join us for an evening with bestselling historian Dan Jones as he talks about his historical fiction debut  Essex Dogs, the explosive first instalment in an epic new trilogy set during the Hundred Years War.

July 1346. Ten men land on the beaches of Normandy. They call themselves the Essex Dogs: an unruly platoon of archers and men-at-arms led by a battle-scarred captain whose best days are behind him. The fight for the throne of the largest kingdom in Western Europe has begun.

Heading ever deeper into enemy territory toward Crecy, this band of brothers knows they are off to fight a battle that will forge nations, and shape the very fabric of human lives. But first they must survive a bloody war in which rules are abandoned and chivalry itself is slaughtered.

Rooted in historical accuracy and told through an unforgettable cast, Essex Dogs delivers the stark reality of medieval war in the round – and shines light on the fighters and ordinary people caught in the storm.

Dan Jones is best known for writing swashbuckling narrative history. His bestselling books include The Templars, Crusaders, Powers and Thrones and The Colour of Time. We look forward to welcoming Dan to Oswestry to celebrate the publication of Essex Dogs.

Tickets: £7 without book (Admits One, ticket redeemable against a signed copy of Essex Dogs) or £17 with book (Admits One, includes a signed copy of Essex Dogs). Tickets available from the bookshop or purchase online (with booking fee).

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