Join us for an evening with Angus D. Birditt, author of ‘Our Isles’ as he talks about his new book ‘A Portrait of British Cheese‘, and explore the best of British cheeses through a cheese tasting.

Angus D. Birditt is a writer, photographer and poet. As an advocate for the rural environment, he celebrates and encourages its appreciation through his various works. He writes and photographs on food & drink, agriculture, nature and rural heritage.

Angus has been visiting and documenting dairies all over the British Isles, looking at the food, people and landscapes dedicated to artisan and farmhouse cheeses. From Lincolnshire Poacher to Stichelton (the original Stilton), Britain’s own Brie in the form of Baron Bigod from Suffolk, to Brefu Bach sheep’s milk cheese from Snowdonia and Appleby’s Cheshire cheese from the heart of rural Shropshire, this is a unique journey through photos, essays and recipes, revealing the joys and challenges of a life in cheesemaking. 

A Portrait of British Cheese celebrates the excellence of artisan and farmhouse cheese in the British Isles, expressing it as a product of the land, its animals, and its people, offering a snapshot of rural life, artisan traditions and delicious dishes. The UK farmhouse cheese industry has faced its biggest challenges in recent years, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many small cheesemakers out of business. Food writers and journalists including Jamie Oliver led the call to save British cheeses, and the public’s discovery of and support for speciality artisan cheeses helped many producers to weather the storm.

Tickets: £30 (Admits one, includes a signed copy of 'A Portrait of British Cheese' and cheese tasting) / £40 (Admits two, includes a signed copy of 'A Portrait of British Cheese' and cheese tasting) 

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