The Explorer

Katherine Rundell

ISBN: 9781408882191


Winner of 2017 Costa Children’s Book Award and a firm Booka favourite

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Like a man-made magic wish the airplane began to rise.
The boy sitting in the cockpit gripped his seat and held his breath as the plane roared and climbed into the arms of the sky.

From his seat in the tiny aeroplane, Fred watches as the mysteries of the Amazon jungle pass by below him.

He has always dreamed of becoming an explorer, of making history and of reading his name amongst the lists of great discoveries. If only he could land and look about him.

As the plane crashes into the canopy, Fred is suddenly left without a choice.

He and the three other children may be alive, but the jungle is a vast, untamed place.  With no hope of rescue, the chance of getting home feels impossibly small. Except, it seems, someone has been there before them…

Becca’s Review

Wonderfully detailed and atmospheric with a dazzling cast of characters: four children alone in the Amazon, all strong-willed yet unique in their outlooks. Thoughts of how on earth they were so brave, quick-witted and resourceful have stayed with me. I now want to be an explorer when I grown up.

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Format Paperback
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Published 02/01/2018
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