Another Planet – Signed Copy

Tracey Thorm

ISBN: 9781786892553


Signed First Edition hardback copy of Another Planet: A Teenager in Suburbia by Tracey Thorn

Hand signed by Tracey Thorn to the title page

Signed at the publisher

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In a 1970s commuter town, Tracey Thorn’s teenage life was forged from what failed to happen. Her diaries were packed with entries about not buying things, not going to the disco, the school coach not arriving. Before she became an acclaimed musician and writer, Tracey Thorn was a typical teenager: bored and cynical, despairing of her aspirational parents. Her only comfort came from house parties, Meaningful Conversations and the female pop icons who hinted at a new kind of living.

Returning more than three decades later to Brookmans Park, scene of her childhood, Thorn takes us beyond the bus shelters and pub car parks, the utopian cul-de-sacs, the train to Potters Bar and the weekly discos, to the parents who wanted so much for their children, the children who wanted none of it. With endearing wit and great insight, Thorn reconsiders the Green Belt post-war dream so many artists have mocked, and yet so many artists have come from.

Following the acclaim of Bedsit Disco Queen and Naked at the Albert Hall, Tracey Thorn continues her knowing, tenderly-executed excavation of her past, this time diving in to that strange, unique cradle of British creativity – Green Belt suburbia. From the boredom, to the yearning, to the growing inner rebellion, this is the rite of passage that was a song to so many.

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Format Hardback
Publisher Canongate Books
Published 07/02/2019
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