French Adventure – James Martin (Signed Copy)

French Adventure – James Martin (Signed Copy)

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Signed First Edition hardback copy of James Martin's French Adventure: 80 Classic French Recipes

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Why France, you might ask, and why now?

Well it’s been over thirty-five years since I went there as a young chef and, in a way, I owe it all to France. I mean, it was those early trips that set the course of my career – from the unforgettable taste of my first croissant to seeing a steak cooked ‘blue’, not burnt to a cinder.

James Martin's French Adventure sees the superstar chef journey the length and breadth of the country, sampling the very best food France has to offer.

Along the way he cooks seafood in Marseille, shops at colourful Provençal markets, cooks with legendary chefs including Michel Roux and Pierre Gagnaire and explores the vineyards of Burgundy. With 80 recipes for fabulous French classics, as well as James's own takes on the delicious dishes he tastes on the road, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Enjoy a warming bowl of vibrant pistou soup on a chilly evening, or take duck rillettes with fig and peach chutney on your next picnic. For a treat, try scallops Saint Jacques with champagne sauce or a classic boeuf bourguignon. And what better end to a meal than a pear and rosemary tarte tatin or a refreshing iced blackberry souffle?

Overflowing with stunning photography, James Martin's French Adventure is a must-have for anyone who loves the good life and great, simple food.

ISBN: 9781849499545

Format: Hardback

Published: 09/02/2017

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing


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